Hi, I’m Dan Smith.  You may be aware that I’m running for the City Council election on Nov. 3.  I wish I could sit down and have a discussion with each person in town about the challenges and opportunities that impact Benicia today, but that is not possible. 

So I hope this blog will help you get to know me a little better and learn my thoughts about issues of importance to Benicia.  (Just click the BLOG tab on the menu bar and start reading!)   

Together we can read the news articles, I’ll leave an occasional commentary, and I hope you’ll leave some of your own comments at the bottom of each blog post.  I’d love to hear your ideas. 

Of course I hope you’ll give me your vote on November 3rd.  To learn a little about my election campaign and why I running, click the ABOUT DAN tab above, or the WHY VOTE FOR ME tab.  

In addition, I encourage you to visit my campaign website, www.danstheone.com , where you can read much more details about my campaign, my qualifications and experience, and see a list of my endorsements.

I hope you’ll bookmark this site and share it with your friends.  If you like you can also subscribe, either by RSS feed or by email, so that each new blog post will be sent to you automatically.

Thanks, Dan